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  •   Your current, magnetic stripe Member Card® debit card or Global Payment MasterCard® card will soon be replaced by a new chip card. Your old card will no longer work after the month printed on the card, regardless of expiry year. For example, if your card expiry month is August, you will receive a new chip card in August 2010 and your current card will expire on August 31, 2010. Please start using your new chip card as soon as you receive it and carry it with you to avoid inconvenience.

  •   Starting Sunday, October 18, 2009 you will need to enter your full 19-digit Member Card number when logging in to Net Banking. If you use the "save my Member Card #" feature, the full 19-digit number will already be saved and you can login as usual. If you have not already saved your Member Card number you will need to enter all 19-digits and your password to login.

  • If this is your first time logging in to Net Banking with the new login procedures, please Click here for complete details and important information for joint account holders.