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  • Commercial Net Banking will be unavailable on Sunday, March 18, from 6am to 12pm while we give our systems a tune up. See servus.ca/alerts for details. Thanks for understanding.

  • Servus will never send messages asking you to verify your account. If you get a message, report it to your mobile service provider by texting 7726 (SPAM). Please also submit any suspicious-looking texts claiming to be from Servus to phishing@servus.ca so we can investigate them.

  • Servus Credit Union works to protect you from fraud in all our banking channels. We have technology in place to protect your transactions, as well as strict policies and guidelines to safeguard your privacy and security. Only YOU can protect your passwords, access codes and personal identification numbers. Protect your PIN when you're at the ATM or making a purchase, and never disclose your online banking information.

  • You can enjoy safe and uninterrupted access to cash while travelling abroad with one simple call or email. New security measures may affect the use of your Member Card debit card at ATMs outside of Canada. Servus provides peace of mind debit card protection during your journey. To notify us of your travel plans, phone 1.877.378.8728 or email contact_us@servus.ca. For more information, visit servus.ca/security.



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